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With the recent acquisition of Anchor Machine & Fab., LLC, Certified Boom Repair has extended its service and reach to maximize our impact on our customers. In addition to already servicing heavy equipment we’ll now be able to offer more solutions to our customers in a more all-inclusive discipline. Anchor Machine & Fab., LLC started in Colorado in 1980 by Jerry and Cheryl Majetich. They moved to Tampa and have been in operation ever since. We wanted to align ourselves with a company that would extend our services to our customers and build new relationships with others but more importantly a business that displayed the type of characteristics we aim for which are integrity, work ethic and small town feel. We feel Anchor Machine & Fab., LLC exemplifies all these traits and are excited to continue on such a great business that Jerry and Cheryl ran for so many years. Explore our Tampa Heavy Equipment Fabrication Shop Anchor Machine & Fab., LLC website to see some of the services we offer.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest projects we are working on. Call 813-247-3099 and let us know how we can help.

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industrial parts

Here are some of the industrial parts we have manufactured, repaired or rebuilt over the years. Looking for something else? Chances are our Tampa Heavy Equipment Machine Shop can fabricate it for you. Click on our contact page here and we’ll provide you with an estimate. If you need further information feel free to call us to talk to one of our Anchor Machine & Fab., LLC pros at 813-247-3099.

Applicator Rolls




Dewatering Presses

Drum Dryers

Gear Boxes

Hammer Mills

Industrial Blowers

Internal pipe threads to 8”

Paper Rolls

Rotating Equipment

Process Rolls


Roll Grinding

Rotary Feeder Valves

Runout Table Rolls

Shaft Manufacturer

Shaft Repair

Trunion Rolls

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